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Post  scissorhands2789 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:15 pm

Sorry about the radio silence. I honestly just activated my account, I didn't realize there was this much posting going on. Awesome that this is still happening.

What is going on: Nothing. I have pretty well burned out on classes, I'm in Ochem lab, which blows but is manageable. Developmental neurobiology is sometimes interesting but it is taught by a cute Israeli girl so I always go. I'm also taking a night class on shakespeare with a bunch of old people and one of my good friends that just graduated, it's fun but not that engaging. All of my roommates either have finance jobs or med school acceptances so the are not in to school anymore either. Last week my roommate and I started D2 ladder chars (bonemancer for me) and i'm lvl 67... ps I found an SOJ. No Joke. also you can respec in the new patch which is awesome.
Emily and I are going strong but I rarely see her nowadays because she has so much work to do for architecture all the time. It's completely insane she sleeps like 4 hours a night and still can't even get everything done. I don't even think she wants to do architecture after school anymore, she wants to teach. I'm pretty sure she is going to drop out of the intense program she's in and just to the regular major, which would save her 3 grad level classes so maybe she'd get to have a social life senior spring.

I'm trying to figure out what the hell to do next year, while i'm applying to med schools. I may end up in Nashville living at home working at vandy, but that is kinda a last resort. I'd really like to go abroad and live and work for a while doing something cool or random. Ideal would be get an apartment in paris and learn more formally how to cook. Markham and Nicky, what are your plans for next year?

More later, I have to get to class...


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